peckvonhartel is delighted to announce that we are currently delivering another flexible office fitout and one of the most exciting fitouts in Canberra!

As part of the ACT Government’s accommodation strategy for 2020, up to 1,100 ACT Government Access Canberra and Health staff will move to the Woden Town Centre towards the end of 2016. peckvonhartel are currently working on the design for the new Access Canberra fitout which will be located in the Cosmo Building in Woden.

Access Canberra seeks to offer a variety of government and community services within one location, enabling the government initiative to reduce red-tape. The cultural change required to support this initiative needed to be radical and effective; peckvonhartel previously worked with the ACT Government to create a benchmark fitout in its Gungahlin Office Building, Winyu House. Our brief for the Access Canberra fitout was to learn from, and go beyond, the initiatives set up at Winyu House, and deliver a new and exciting workplace which matches the vibrant culture and vision of Access Canberra.

The design solution was a flexible Activity Based Working (ABW) environment, which would assist to drive a change in workplace behaviours and embed a new collaborative social culture. This would provide an environment that allows Access Canberra staff to align functions and strengthen linkages, provide greater flexibility and establish an environment that will enhance collaboration and support innovation. Complementing the workplace fitout are a range of other specific requirements including a public shopfront, training facilities, project rooms and a central collaborative social hub.

While the ABW initiatives included in this fitout meet contemporary standards, the element of surprise, enthusiasm and innovation desired by Access Canberra is what makes this fitout unique. In addition we have utilised a local artist to generate some of the graphics used throughout the fitout and include connections to the community both sporting and artistic to create a sense of place and pride for the staff.

The Access Canberra fitout is currently under construction with anticipated completion of mid December 2016.