When Michael Dunn isn’t busy recreating the world in the colourful 3D of Lego, he is busy leading the global dialogue into the use of BIM to aid and improve design and project delivery.

BILT is the new name for the Revit Technology Conference; an annual global event for design professionals and BIM users. A community of professionals at the cutting edge of software development and utilisation; it is dedicated to improving the way industry collaborates to improve design outcomes.

Michael, National BIM Manager based in our Canberra Studio, has had the privilege of attending the most RTCs without ever having spoken at one. He was there when it all began way back in 2005, with around 80 people crowded into one room in a Blue Mountains hotel.

The speakers were all experts in their fields possessing extremely high levels of knowledge and experience of Revit. Over the years, Michael learned from his exposure to this gathering, as well as generating experience through teaching, from 2009. Co-founding the local Revit user group in 2012, Michael struggled compelling other experts to speak, and was often left to fill in the presenting slots himself. To answer arguments like “We don’t know as much about the software as you do so we wouldn’t be able to teach you anything!,” would was his response: “Even the most experienced users can benefit from another viewpoint. There are a thousand ways to tackle a problem and it’s always great to see something from a fresh perspective.”

Michael formally submitted an abstract of a paper for the 2015 conference on the Gold Coast, was accepted, and had the chance to present formally for the first time. As a follow up, Michael was invited to present at this year’s BILT NA in Toronto, a fantastic experience in front of the worlds’ premier Revit experts.

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