BHP Billiton Global Headquarters Queen Street Village, Lonsdale Street, Melbourne VIC

role Design Advisory value $70 million area 35,000m² completed date July 2003

In anticipation of the expiry of their lease, BHP engaged Arthur Anderson and peckvonhartel to define their future accommodation standards and overall requirements and seek market interest in providing new accommodation for the BHP Global Headquarters Building.

peckvonhartel were commissioned to prepare a detailed Benchmark Document that defined the physical requirements of new tenancy space. This document formed the basis of the call for expression of interest from the market for potential developments that could provide the required accommodation in the required time frame.

A rigorous evaluation process identified the Queen Victoria Village development as the preferred accommodation. peckvonhartel assisted in the preparation of detailed conditions included in the Agreement to Lease.

peckvonhartel, commissioned by BHP Billiton, had an architectural advisory role for the duration of the project to ensure that the intention of the Benchmark Document and the detail conditions enumerated in the Agreement to Lease were met in the finished building.