Centrelink Greenway ACT

role Design Advisory value $100 million area 40,000m² completed date In construction

peckvonhartel were requested by Rider Hunt Terotech, for and on behalf of Allco Funds Management Limited, CRC Athllon Drive Pty Limited and BOS International (Australia) Limited, to provide advice on the merits of the development proposed at Greenway ACT for CentreLink.

peckvonhartel were asked to provide an overview of the CentreLink Project Documentation; to assess the proposed development for 'compliance' with the CentreLink Project Brief: to comment on the quality of the proposed building and it's facilities and to assess long term ownership attributes.

A variety of criteria were examined most particularly siting, built form, functionality, vehicular access, car parking and servicing, workplace environment and staff amenity, access to natural light, acoustics, quality, long term flexibility, subdivisibility, longevity, external columns, floor areas, and security.

The peckvonhartel assessment concluded that the proposed development is of good quality due to the provision of large open floor plates, good building orientation, long term flexibility and sound building design.