Australian Customs and Border Protection Service ACT Property Review, ACT

role Design Advisory, Property Review Report value NA completion date July 2011 area various client Australian Customs and Border Protection Service

peckvonhartel was engaged by the Australian Customs and Border Protection Service to undertake a strategic review of their three Canberra CBD properties; Customs House, Allara House and 2 Constitution Avenue. The object was to evaluate how their properties align with global best practice with regards to efficiency, future proofing and ability to support the service in its operations.

peckvonhartel prepared a comprehensive audit and review of the base buildings specifically with regard to client strategic goals, access to natural light, depth of floor plate, tenant efficiency and ability to support the business and operational needs of the service.

Areas of focus included; location/siting, building configuration, building entry and security, efficiency, finishes, depth of space and aspect potential. Using proven tools and techniques, peckvonhartel were able to advise the service on the suitability of their properties to facilitate and support future cultural, technological and architectural objectives.

The final report was used by the Service to gain a clear understanding of the limitations of their property and to inform their future property decisions.