Former Fishmarket Site Flinders Street, Melbourne VIC

role Architecture area 52,000m² client Stockland

This proposed development on the site of the former Melbourne Fishmarket originally developed in 1895 is bound by Flinders, Spencer and King Streets and on the riverside fronts Batman Park through the railway viaducts. It is a very difficult site to develop due principally to the intrusion of the railway, and the noise levels it generates.

Major Projects Victoria called for design proposals to develop the site. The peckvonhartel scheme (undertaken on behalf of Stockland) was one of two shortlisted entries.

The proposal comprised three main components: the ground level retail zone with its own street network and connections to Spencer Street and Batman Park, a podium carpark that fills in the height of the railway viaducts and 3 separate buildings above the podium dedicated to different types of residential use; hotel, backpacker accommodation and apartments.

From an Urban Design aspect the project addresses its location (outside the edge of the city grid, adjacent to the Yarra River). The podium defines a firm edge to the built fabric of the city grid whilst accentuating and extending the lane network through the site to connect with Batman Park and the river beyond. The solid base allows the residential buildings to be above the railway to respond to the river and environs beyond in a more fluid meandering manner that contrasts effectively with the order of the grid. The shaping of these building forms is dictated by sunlight angles that maximise the penetration of sunlight to Batman Park.