Flux, Design for an Active City Competition Docklands VIC

role Urban Design budget $25,000 submission date June 2011 judging panel Victoria's State of Design Festival

Flux is a site specific temporary installation envisaged to capture and engage pedestrian traffic.

The nature of rotational coloured cubes fixed on steel rods, suggests an ever changing artwork constantly transformed through public intervention. The ephemoral character of the installation is in contrast with the simple structural configuration through the layering of colours of the individual cubes. Each subtle rotation creates added depth and complexity to the artwork as each user leaves their mark.

The pixelated effect created through the simple cube construction gives the public the opportunity to experience the installation on many different levels. From a distance the individual cubes will be read as an abstract artistic image whilst up close the cubes become interactive and bold.

Flux is seen as a canvas for artwork, a giant board game, a gathering place, a meeting place or a piece of street furniture. The flexible modular installation allows the height and width of the profile to be adjusted to suit each individual site accordingly. Providing the opportunity to grow or diminish during the initial setup to maximise connections with the unique nature of the chosen site, its infrastructure and budget.

An ever changing and engaging art piece, Flux will evolve and develop over time creating a highly activated focal point that will enhance the journey between the city and Docklands.