PVH 26 yearsPVH 26 years

To celebrate our 26th year in practice, peckvonhartel are proud to present to you our new website.

www.pvh.com.au is here. Welcome.

peckvonhartel has always been an early adapter of new technologies. Some 15 odd years ago, at the birth of the Internet and the World Wide Web, Robert Peck von Hartel Trethowan (our company name at the time - and a famous tongue twister) launched www.rpvht.com.au to showcase our work, and anchor a position in cyberspace.

Our new website www.pvh.com.au is a celebration of a new era at peckvonhartel. This new era is identified by, a renewed focus on the provision of quality design solutions symbolised by our recent rebranding to peckvonhartel and it's cleaner lines.

The purpose of www.pvh.com.au is twofold: First, it shall enable everyone to access all the information they desire about peckvonhartel. Whether that be past projects, current work, contact numbers, or employment opportunities. Second, it shall offer the weary cyber stroller a welcome stop over, with it’s creative visual appeal and ease of navigation.

So step into the world of peckvonhartel at www.pvh.com.au and enjoy.