peckvonhartel has entered into the Campus Design Ideas competition for the University of Canberra, hosted to improve the campus landscape in order to reflect the institutional notions of sustainability, education and healthy lifestyle.

Located in the nation's capital, a city distinguished by its design and landscape, the University of Canberra pride's itself on being internationally recognised for its research-led education in public administration and services and aims to draw students and researchers from around the world.

Competition objectives were to create a heartland precinct that is striking and stimulating; to establish a physical identity and presence for the University that makes clear the primary entrances, pathways and landmarks; and to select a site or sites for three key potential future University buildings: the Chancellery, Library and Great Hall.

With the University goals and objectives in mind, peckvonhartel responded to the competition with a proposal that sees the City-Campus and Belconnen links developed as a continuous network of new development beyond a simple landscape gesture.  Strategies for renewable and low energy usage were implemented with the proposal of a solar tower thermal plant on University Hill to the North.  Water and waste management was also considered in the existing and new buildings.

Landscape Character - Pattern

Landscape Character - Plan

Urban Connection

University Green

Critical Mass

Campus Concourse

Siting of Key Buildings

University Hill

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