peckvonhartel Senior Architect, Dominic Pelle, was awarded the ACT Future Leader of the Year Award at the Property Council of Australia ACT Awards Night and Gala Ball, held at the National Convention Centre on Friday August 6.

Since graduating as an architect in 2003, Dominic has already achieved an impressive number of professional successes, and has acted as a mentor and leader to other young professionals in the property industry.

Dominic has worked on several significant design projects, including the Hospital of Hope Timor Leste, a new hospital complex in Dili, and a series of projects across Australia for the Families and Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs portfolio.

He was Project Architect on the rectification and refurbishment of two frequently-flooded buildings in Charleville, the Charleville Hostel and Radio Station.  He is currently working on two projects of national security significance and is upgrading security for the Australian Parliament House.

"It is pleasing to see young professionals such as Dominic contributing in a positive and meaningful way to the broader industry in which he works," said the Chairman of the Training Fund Authority, James Service, when presenting the award.

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