peckvonhartel is pleased to join with the Balibo House Trust in announcing the opening of stage one of the Balibo Fort Visitor Accommodation Centre. The restoration of the 300 – 400 year old Portuguese fort will deliver employment and learning opportunities for the people of Balibo, Timor-Leste, while at the same time honouring the memories of the Balibo Five.

peckvonhartel, as the architects appointed by the trust, have delivered a master plan that is sensitive to the significant heritage context whilst providing opportunities for local residents and tourists to engage with and understand the history of this area. As the site holds significance for many nations, all upgrade works to the fort site are to be done with a lightness of touch and will allow for future exploration of the site.

Stage one involved the conversion of an existing dilapidated Fort House into a new visitor centre and local museum that is to become, over time, the hub of the new hotel complex. These works are now drawing to a close and the Fort House has been returned to its former splendour, an icon sitting high in the fort grounds.

It is with excitement that we look forward to beginning stage two works including the construction of the accommodation wings in the near future.