Parramatta Square, NSW

role master planning value not disclosed area 3 hectares completed date December 2014 client Walker Corporation

As part of a response to a Request for Proposal to develop a new campus style workplace for the Commonwealth Bank of Australia, Walker Corporation asked peckvonhartel to review the Parramatta Square Masterplan, adopted by Parramatta City Council.

Parramatta Square is a three hectare development in the heart of the Parramatta CBD. The Council’s objective is to create a vibrant, central Western Sydney hub delivering a scale and standard of redevelopment previously unseen in the area. The Parramatta Square Masterplan seeks to create a 24 hour operating town centre, and is anticipated to provide office accommodation for 13,000 workers.

The Masterplan considers a six stage development, where Stage 1 will provide a commercial office tower, Stage 2 a 700 apartment tower and Stage 3 will provide Council facilities and new civic facilities. The Masterplan identifies that Stages 5 and 6 will provide two commercial office towers with a building footprint and extent as proposed in the Parramatta Square Masterplan.

peckvonhartel undertook a review of the design and development parameters for Stages 5 and 6, as well as a review of the entire Masterplan. An alternative proposal was presented to Walker Corporation to better address visual and physical connectivity to the adjacent Parramatta Transport Interchange, informed by an analysis of pedestrian flows and connections to greater Parramatta CBD. The proposal also focussed on bringing a “heart” to Parramatta Square. The idea of an urban “heart” which may be developed in a variety of ways: as a building, as a sculpture, as a work of art, or as an installation.

The proposal considers a finer, urban grain to the precinct. Smaller building footprints and activated edges allowed each proposed building to have an address to the “heart” of Parramatta Square.