Sandridge Residential Development Port Melbourne

role Architecture and Urban Design value $8 million completion date 1993

The Sandridge City Development Company (SCDC) developed its winning proposal on the basis of a substantial residential development for this significant part of Melbourne. The site adjoined the existing Station Pier and Princess Pier and included reclaimed industrial land. The proposal comprised a wide range of residential options including individual sites fronting canals, high-rise apartments, two-storey town housing and elderly persons accommodation. The project proposed a total residential environment containing 864 units.

SCDC were adamant that the residential community that was to be established in the development must provide for all sectors of residential market. The Ministry of Housing was approached and as a result the former four level walk-up Ministry of Housing apartments were demolished, the existing residents relocated and new individual housing included in the redevelopment. The individual lot housing was to be a model for future development; the houses were to be sited and constructed so that their occupants could purchase them, at a later date, on individual land titles.

The housing design took its character from the individuality that was required and from master planning of the site. A large communal open space (approximately 20% of the total site area) was provided adjacent to the development for the enjoyment of all residents. Individual sites were designed to accommodate a car (the most treasured possession of most occupants), an individual address to the street as well as private open space at the rear of each house. Acoustic separation between units, the requirement for individuality to each residence and the use of simple domestic building materials was carefully considered in the design. Particular units were designed for specified degrees of disability.