Site 203 & 204 Victoria Park Zetland NSW

role Competition Entry & Design Development value $300 million

peckvonhartel responded to the request by Landcom for development concepts for sites 203 and 204 at Victoria Park by designing a complete and unique living concept for a demographic segment that is described as "over 55".

Preliminary studies of the demographics of the neighbourhood of Victoria Park, suggested that there are few facilities in the surrounding area for an older population.

The opportunity exists to develop two distinctive sites encompassing all of the qualities of an integrated total lifestyle environment. The intrinsic flexibility and adaptability of a multi-story residential development easily accommodates residents throughout an individuals professional and retirement lifestyle. This approach towards the total 'lifestyle' environment, includes the provision for Townhouse style residences, through to the 'Ageing in Place' lifestyle of Serviced Apartments and Hostel Accommodation.

The concept has been designed to 'cross over' between the two sites. Whilst the sites are separate entities, and the development on each site is unique, the potential exists to develop both sites simultaneously, or, if required, development could proceed on each site independently. The combined sites provide a broad range of appropriate accommodation.