Campbell Primary School

role Architecture, Interior Design

value $2 million

area 500m²

completed date October 2010

client Bovis Lend Lease

Campbell Primary School has a core focus on the environment; during the initial briefings for the project it became evident that the school wanted to fulfil the vision of creating a Sustainability Centre that could be used to teach students about the value of caring for the environment. The building is located strategically to provide a stand alone environmental haven that offers interior and exterior learning environments.

The building incorporates several energy saving elements such as thermal insulation through mass, and operable shutters and blinds to manage the heating and cooling needs of the building. There is also extensive use of sustainable building materials and finishes throughout both the interior and exterior.

The main hall is naturally ventilated through high level operable louvres that allow for night purging of heat within the hall. The two interior teaching areas have been located on the north-east end of the building to maximum solar gain during winter, this area also includes high level operable louvres to allow for passive ventilation of the room.

Eaves facing the north and east have been extended to reduce direct solar heat gain through the summer period, but to still allow for winter sunlight. Rainwater collection has also been included; rainwater is used to supply the toilets and to assist in the management of the outdoor learning areas and vegetable garden.

These outdoor learning areas and vegetable garden are located on the northern end of the site to maximise solar exposure; the school has the opportunity to run an interactive gardening program to educate students on the advantages of sustainable produce.