Hong Kong Boundary Crossings Facilities Competition, Hong Kong

role Master Planning, Architecture

completion date April 2010

peckvonhartel entered into the Hong Kong Boundary Crossing Facilities Competition; the competition was to submit conceptual designs for the new Passenger Clearance Building, which is to operate at 15,000 passengers per hour at peak times.

The ideas competition was devised due to road infrastructure on mainland China having reached saturation. To support the existing land-based transport situation between Hong Kong, Macau, New Territories and Pearl Delta, a new sea bridge linking Macau and Hong Kong is proposed with further sea bridges to connect Hong Kong to the New Territories in the north.

A new artificial island is anticipated east of Chek Lap Kok airport, this will serve as a transport interchange for all trucks, buses and cars travelling between these areas. The island will provide customs and immigration facilities as well as exchanges for trains to the airport and to Hong Kong and New Territories.

Initial analysis of the information in the competition brief indicated the Passenger Clearance Building was to be positioned under the flight path into Chek Lap Kok. peckvonhartel’s entry reconfigures the island to allow the building to be re-positioned between existing flight paths.