Metronode Data Centre, ACT

role Architecture

value $5 million

area 590m²

completed date November 2015

client metronode

Metronode provides the world’s most advanced data centres, combining state-of-the-art technology with expertise in data security to offer prospective clients robust solutions in data storage. peckvonhartel has been engaged to deliver architectural services in the design of Metronode’s new premises in the ACT.

The brief called for a sophisticated data centre, with data storage and technical areas securely separated from front-of-house facilities to engage with prospective clients and showcase the services offered. Furthermore, complex mechanical and electrical plants required careful arrangement on site to effectively prevent acoustic spill onto adjoining residential areas.

The design responded to very clear boundaries provided by the brief. Data storage areas at the rear of the site provide a physical acoustic barrier to ensure residential areas behind the site are unaffected. Metal panel screens to the front of the site provide physical and visual security to the plant equipment behind. The screens undulate along the front of the site and wrap in to form a grand entry gesture, defining the entry to the front of house area of the facility.

Working with Richard Crookes Constructions in a Design and Construct capacity, peckvonhartel have provided a design which comprehensively satisfies the intricate requirements outlined by Metronode. Furthermore, the spatial arrangement and external treatments of the proposed design has provided Metronode with an exciting new model for facilities for the future.