Rosanna Golf Links Primary School Master Plan, VIC

client Department of Education, Victorian Government

location Rosanna, VIC

project value $5 million

area 1,500m2

role architecture & master planning

completion date April, 2011

peckvonhartel was engaged by the Department of Education & Training to undertake the master planning of Rosanna Golf Links Primary School. The project involved the design of six new learning studios, a facility for the hearing impaired student body, and a new administration and community hub.

The key architectural drivers for the modernisation project were to create a relationship between the built form and the existing landscape and the schools unique identity. Incorporating the schools support facility for hearing impaired students was critical to the planning. Innovative technology such as wall pilots, sound fields and microphone transmitters are used to ensure hearing impaired students can function in the same ways, alongside other students in all areas of the school. Specialist acoustically treated areas were also incorporated into the facility.

The proposed school is arranged to creatively and intuitively allow learning to occur in a variety of settings; dynamic learning spaces extend to the outdoor environment, break out spaces flow into shared learning areas and all spaces offer flexibility for specialised learning. The proposed learning hub is located to facilitate a flow through the site both during and after school hours. Movement through the site during the school hours is through integrated travel and learning zones, enhancing the efficiency of the interior spaces.