Transactional to Consultative Retail

VicRoads Area Manager Priya Kirubasankar discusses the differences that a strategic retail design has made to her staff and customers from a transactional retail model into a consultative and customer facing model. Priya was managing the retail experience for her staff and her customers at the VicRoads Burwood site for many years.
In transitioning her staff and customers to the new retail experience that peckvonhartel designed using key experience
principles and a comprehensive engagement process, she discussed the fundamental differences that design can make
to a retail business.

“All our people just want to work at this site. We don’t know what it is, but the space feels better. It is easy to work in. The customers and staff are just happier in the space.” – John Hackett, VicRoads

When considering the issues, that were once present in the old retail model, that have now been resolved through the new design, Priya confirms…

“The lighting in the new space, the better customer flow, the ease in cashless transactions (we do not need banking officers!) and bringing my staff out into the front of house with my customers to create side by side consulting, have all been fundamental.”

peckvonhartel set about trying to assist in alleviating the long wait times by designing a queuing system that helps to alleviate the line and separate the customer for a more efficient transaction. Priya agrees that “Our customers have said on numerus occasions that they are impressed with the customer service at the HUB as it is quicker and more efficient,
the staff and the leaders seem to be happier in this environment.”

Priya loves that “there is now space for the customer to sit and not feel congested. She also notes that the design of the environment just makes her staff and customers feel better.” Priya confirms that the VicRoads customers are appreciative of the welcoming nature of the office design becoming a consultative space rather that the transactional space they had come from.

“The new design has created a new level of support for my staff and for my customers. We have moved to a cashless system which has meant no cash errors since staff are not handling cash. It’s quicker and easier to mange staff. Before they were spending time in overtime balancing cash intake. The Photo Booths are very customer friendly and caters to customers from different faiths. Before we had to make them stand behind a counter, we now have specialised booths that are designed for the task and light.”

Priya confirms that “our happier staff and working environment has contributed to an increased and better service level and a happier customer.”