VicRoads Customer Service Centre

With unparalleled expertise in retail design thinking, peckvonhartel has created a game-changing experience for VicRoads, for both staff and customers with the design of the Customer Hub.

Located on the ground floor of QIC’s EastCo development in Ringwood VIC, VicRoads Customer Hub is designed to create a more streamlined customer journey. The Customer Hub supports VicRoads team members’ over-the-counter service and includes facilities such as photo booths for license photos, eye charts on electronic screens, and consultation areas for more extensive customer engagement and training.

The new design aims to break down barriers between client and customer, to support the focus on creating a better customer experience.

peckvonhartel was charged to change the elongated wait times and unconnected transactions to a more dynamic and engaging experience.

The design offers a clear and simple welcome further into the floorplate to create a sense of arrival. The concierge then separates the customers’ requirements into different consultation areas alleviating the wait times and offering more choice in the way the customer can be served.

A warmer design aesthetic and investment in biophilia create an immediate impact in calming the stresses the customer may feel within the new environment.

The design creates an opportunity for the VicRoads staff and customers to be side-by-side to create better engagement in the consultation with multiple options of different consultation forms.

The importance of celebration in the new VicRoads Customer Hub helps better connect the customer to the brand, Instagram moments to take a photo when you receive your driver’s licence and stories of the history of VicRoads create meaningful moments throughout the hub increasing trust and advocacy for the brand.

Key to the success of the project has been the rigorous stakeholder process, engaging with the staff to ensure the environment would support a new operating model. peckvonhartel designed the space to shift the service offering from a transactional to a consultative environment, with an aim to increase both customer engagement and satisfaction.