Melbourne Arts Precinct Blueprint

The precinct has the potential to be a vibrant and active place to be; a tourism destination, a cultural mecca, and an exciting place to live, work and play.
The Blueprint builds on a foundation of studies, design concepts and planning strategies that have been undertaken in the last decade to realise a new direction for the precinct. Over the last three decades Melbourne has transformed into a vibrant and sophisticated city by embracing the river and nurturing the laneways and arcades that give the city its fine grain.
The Melbourne Arts Precinct Blueprint was released in February 2014; its vision for an activated and integrated arts precinct brings together over two years of work led by Yvonne von Hartel AM. Through the Blueprint’s Architectural and Urban Design Frameworks the Blueprint describes how, by implementing a multitude of small projects, coupled with a number of Public and Strategic projects the area can be transformed into a vibrant art precinct serving and benefiting all Victorians.

The Blueprint is yet another example of how peckvonhartel is involved in shaping our cities and contributing to the urban landscape on a significant scale. the project involved working with a large range of stakeholders including the arts organisations both within and outside the precinct to get acceptance.

In May 2011 the State Government of Victoria initiated the Melbourne Arts Precinct Blueprint with a $500,000 commitment to deliver a road map for the future development of the Arts Precinct.
The project leveraged additional funding through the Commonwealth Government’s Liveable Cities program of $400,000 with additional in-kind support from the City of Melbourne and University of Melbourne.
Collaboration across governments and arts organisations has been the signature of the Blueprint process. The Blueprint has been formulated by a stakeholder-led Arts Precinct Working Group which came together to articulate a shared vision for the Melbourne Arts Precinct and to identify opportunities to breathe new life into the area.
The vision mapped out by the Working Group is for a connected Arts Precinct that is a must-see part of Melbourne, known for its distinctive character and vibrant arts experiences.
The Blueprint sets out a range of strategies to achieve this vision, grouped around four themes – bring life to the streets, create a ‘Melbourne’ experience, more to see and do, and make connections. These strategies propose a range of actions to bring the dynamism and creativity of the Arts Precinct’s artistic community out into the streets.

‘The Blueprint’ – a road map for arts organisations and all levels of government to achieve the shared vision of a vibrant and connected Melbourne Arts Precinct. The Blueprint has emerged from the thoughts and ambitions of the many stakeholders who want the Melbourne Arts Precinct to thrive. It seeks to lay down a strategic framework to deliver the vision over time.
The Blueprint has been driven by a stakeholder-led Arts Precinct Working Group. Project funding was provided by the State and Federal Governments, with additional support from the City of Melbourne and University of Melbourne. The Arts Precinct is home to a talented community of people including nationally significant arts organisations, iconic arts venues, the Victorian base of the national broadcaster and elite arts training institutions.
This is complemented by a growing residential and visitor population, all of who have an interest in seeing the Arts Precinct reach its potential and prosper. To see the full masterplan, archive/MeetingAgendaItemAttachments/639/11308/Agenda%20Item%206.2%20Melbourne%20Arts%20Precinct%20Blueprint.pdf