Collins Square Undercroft End of Trip, Melbourne

peckvonhartel was engaged by Walker Corporation to upgrade an End of Trip (EOT) facility for staff in their new development at Collins Square. The existing facilities (located under the Collins Street Bridge) consisted of dark, narrow spaces, generic finishes and restricted visibility which had become a security concern for users. The existing site context was a labyrinth of rooms at varying heights, several ramps, and lower than average spaces created by large air ducts that hint at the size of the building above.

Our primary challenge was to provide ample bike storage, lockers and improved amenities whilst creating a sense of spaciousness in an extremely low volume space. The overall outcome represents a shift in thinking about EOT facilities that are now important destinations; as for many staff members they are the first point of contact with their workplace.

In keeping with sense of openness; ‘transparency’ was a core aspect of our conceptual intent. Where possible – full height, solid partitions were avoided. Functional design elements inserted into the spaces aimed to maintain visual permeability. The golden screens in the bike storage area and the object like design of the vanities in the bathrooms embody this intent, providing a sense of security, whilst also making the space easy to use and navigate. The black bike racks are conceived as abstract, forest-like elements, framed by a white island of floor space.

Lighting served a functional role in way finding and also formed an important part of the design intent. Single linear extrusions defined user pathways as a strong graphic expression. The finishes used have warm, muted tones but substantial texture or quality. A single wall of unfilled Travertine signifies the entry to the change facilities, addressing Walker Corporation’s objective to achieve a highly regarded facility.