Parramatta Square, NSW

peckvonhartel was one of three architectural practices selected to partake in a design competition for Walker Corporation’s new commercial tower at 6 & 8 Parramatta Square. The brief required a design solution that exhibited design excellence by contributing to the natural, cultural, visual and built character values of Parramatta. The peckvonhartel design solution demonstrated astute commercial intelligence, and at the same time delivering a range of compelling public benefits.

The massing of the tower was designed to increase the spatial reading of Parramatta Square and the resulting sense of sky, reduced the apparent density and gave more space to the Cathedral and adjacent building at 4 Parramatta Square. The proposed development’s elegant, sharpened form paid homage to the historic spire of St John’s Cathedral.

The project’s urban response was focused on high levels of public use and activation of the north-facing frontage. The design encouraged greater public occupation, with retail uses across all levels of the podium creating varied settings for meeting places. High levels of permeability and building transparency would allow people to connect with each other and engage with the urban spectacle.

The commercial response provided a highly efficient office building, one that elevated opportunities for businesses in Parramatta and enhanced their performance. The design included a dramatic atrium that ran through the building to improve amenity, vertical connectivity and access to natural light. With the adoption of double-decker elevators, a high overall NLA to GFA efficiency was provided, achieving 95.4% efficiency on commercial floors.

The peckvonhartel design was developed in collaboration with a team of consultants including enstruct, ARUP, Bonnefin Property, Frost Collective and Turf Landscape Strategy & Design.