Finlay Crisp Centre Redevelopment

peckvonhartel was engaged by Dexus to undertake a feasibility study of the Finlay Crisp Centre. This development consists of three (3) buildings that have commercial use. Our objective was to initially determine the highest and best use of the building and complex. Once this was established, we were engaged to develop transformative improvements to existing buildings including a major re-design of the ground floors to include a range of active uses, such as retail, hospitality and conferencing facilities.

peckvonhartel wanted to redevelop the site as a whole new precinct, which could reinvigorate itself and match up to the adjacent new building at Constitution Place. As part of our overall strategy, we wanted to ensure that Finlay Crisp could match up to or even exceed the quality of the neighbouring development for the ACT Government at Constitution Place.

One of the major challenges which peckvonhartel undertook was to reinvigorate the courtyard space and seamlessly integrate it with proposed new users at the ground floor plain. Peckvonhartel worked closely with the landscape architects to develop a whole new retail strategy, creating end of trip facilities, new entries to significantly improve the user experience.

To improve the interior quality of the leasable spaces, peckvonhartel undertook comprehensive studies to look at potential clients, and their requirements, including improving ceiling heights, creating compliant public facilities and hence enhancing the base build quality for future users.