ANZ Design Advisory, 833 Collins Street, Docklands

peckvonhartel was engaged by ANZ to provide architectural Design Advisory services for the new ANZ Headquarters building at 833 Collins Street, Docklands, Victoria.

The Design Advisory role involved a review of the concept design proposals for the new building, participation in the design development of the building and an ongoing evaluation of the architectural elements of the developed, documented and constructed design to ensure compliance with the ANZ’s requirements and the best accommodation outcome for ANZ personnel.

Of particular importance to ANZ, the large open foyer provides facilities for staff in terms of retail space, meeting space and casual interaction opportunities. The development includes a child care centre; secure serviced meeting spaces and ANZ flexible office space.

At 80,000m² the ANZ Centre is Australia’s largest single-tenant office development and showcases a range of leading environmentally sustainable design initiatives. From the wind turbines, solar cells and green garden on its roof, to the full height atriums running through the building’s centre, the building is an ongoing example of best practice for its time.