Pavillion on Northbourne

Pavilion on Northbourne is a 9 storey mixed-use residential and retail development with about 400 units on a 1.2-hectare site, currently lodged as DA with the authorities.

The site presented a unique opportunity to re-develop a brownfield site adjacent to a light rail station to create an integrated residential precinct. The proposal seeks to actively encourage pedestrian and cyclist residents in the area to move through the site hence creating a vibrant community and exemplifying a sustainable high-density inner-city development.

The development promotes housing diversity by means of catering to a wide range of users, from single-unit dwellings to Soho-style apartments to penthouse units. The site is a virtual oasis in an urban setting utilising all available areas to promote the planting of vegetation and trees with active landscaped areas.

The proposal seamlessly integrates with the existing networks by means of promoting active edges, accommodating a pocket park for the city within the site, and improving access for people travelling through the site into the adjacent residential suburb.

The proposal was actively led through a robust stakeholder management process which included Canberra Renewal Authority, NCA, and local citizens’ council groups.